Topographic Map of Japan (small scale)

The NDL's collection of topographic maps includes small scale maps (1:5 million-1:200,000) as described below.
Numbers shown in brackets 【】 indicate the NDL call number for an item.

1. NDL's Collections

1-1. Maps issued by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan and its precursors

ScaleSeriesPublisherYear of publicationHolding information
/ How to search
1:5,000,000Japan and its surroundingsGeospatial Information Authority of Japan2003-List
1:3,000,000Japan and its surroundingsGeospatial Information Authority of Japan1971-List
1:2,500,000Japan and its surroundings 1:2500000Geographical Survey Institute1958【YG1-Z-13】
1:2,000,000Main parts of Japan
Map of Japan
Geospatial Information Authority of Japan,
Geographical Survey Institute,
Land Surveying Bureau
1923-[196-]Main parts of Japan:【YG1-Z-18】
Map of Japan:List
Dai Nihon Yochizu:【89-303】(NDL Digital Collection)
1:1,000,0001:1 million international mapGeospatial Information Authority of Japan1966-List
in Japanese edition: List
1:1 million Map of the WorldJapan Land Surveying Bureau1932-1939Index map in Japanese
(PDF 669KB)
Tōa Yochizu, etc.Empire of Japan Land Surveying Bureau1894-[1936]Index map in Japanese
(PDF 1.10MB)
1:500,0001:500,000 Regional mapsGeospatial Information Authority of Japan,
Geographical Survey Institute
1:500,000 Empire map
1:500,000 map
The Imperial Japanese Army General Staff Office,
Empire of Japan Land Surveying Bureau
[1921]-[1943]Index map in Japanese
(PDF 1.03MB)
1:200,0001:200,000 Geographical mapGeospatial Information Authority of Japan,
Geographical Survey Institute
1946-Search by typing a map name in the title column and YG1-Z-20.0-* in call number on the "NDL Search" with Refiners.
Replica corpus books
1:200,000 Empire mapHome Ministry Geographical Survey Institute,
Empire of Japan Land Surveying Bureau
Shusei Nijumanbun no ichizu
(1:200,000 Consolidated map)
Land Surveying Bureau,
The Imperial Japanese Army General Staff Office Land Surveying Bureau

1-2. Maps issued by other institutions

1-2-1. Geological Survey of Japan under the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce

"Photocopying restricted" materials are not available for same-day photoduplication service due to concerns over deterioration. Only black-and-white later-date photoduplication (sent by mail) service is available.

ScaleSeriesYear of publicationCoverageHolding information
1:1,600,000Map of the Empire of Japan1888
Whole of Japan【YG20-Z-127】
1:1,000,000Map of the Empire of Japan1897Whole of JapanPhotocopying restricted
1:400,000(1:400,000 Topographic Map)1884-1923Whole of Japan except HokkaidoIndex map in Japanese
(PDF 885KB)
1:200,000(1:200,000 Topographic Map)1885-1921Whole of Japan except Hokkaido

1-2-2. U.S. Army Map Service (AMS)

ScaleSeries NumberYear of publicationCoverageHolding information
1:1,000,000L3021959-1963JapanNorthern Japan:【YG717-290】
Central Japan:【YG717-287】
Southern Japan:【YG717-288】
1:250,000L5061955-1964Kuril Islands and JapanIndex map in Japanese
(PDF 772KB)
L5611943-1944South Sakhalin, Kuril Islands and HokkaidoIndex map in Japanese
(PDF 633KB)
L5711943-1944Honshu and KyushuIndex map in Japanese
(PDF 652KB)
L5911944-1945Nansei Islands

1-2-3. Генеральный штаб (General'nyi shtab) (The General Staff of the Armed Forces of the USSR)

ScaleSeriesYear of publicationCoverageHolding information
1:200,000[Map of Japan][1965]-1986Whole of JapanIndex map in Japanese
(PDF 812KB)

1-3. Replica corpus books

  • "Bakumatsu meiji nihon kokusei chizu : sho-han Shusei Nijumanbun no ichizu shusei"(Atlas map of Japan in the end of Edo period and Meiji era : First Edition Consolidated 1:200,000 map corpus)(Kashiwa Shobo Publishing Co. Ltd. 1983.5. 【YP6-65】)(Material available in the Map Room)
    These materials include "Shusei Nijumanbun no ichizu", which was surveyed throughout Japan using same scale size for the first time.

2. How to Use Materials

Please refer to Use of Materials in Topographic Maps of Japan.

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