Cabinet Decisions

Cabinet Decisions refer to decisions made by the cabinet as a panel at cabinet meetings.

This webpage briefly describes the decision-making process at cabinet meetings and introduces how to search for Cabinet Decisions. In addition, Searching Cabinet Decisions, etc. and Cabinet Decisions in the early Showa era and their texts in Research Navi indicate how to search for Cabinet Decisions and Related Links in Japanese.

1. Cabinet Meetings

Cabinet meetings are held for cabinet decision-making. Those meetings are chaired by the Prime Minister. All Ministers of State including the Prime Minister attend. At present, Cabinet Meetings are held twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) in the Prime Minister's Office or in the National Diet Building during a session of the Diet (Regular Cabinet Meetings). In addition, Extraordinary Cabinet Meetings are held to deal urgently with important matters. Matters discussed at Cabinet Meetings include:

  • General Matters
    Basically important matters that require a Diet decision.
  • Matters to be introduced in the Diet
    Matters to be introduced in and reported to the Diet based on laws.
  • Promulgation of Laws and Treaties
    For the Emperor's promulgation, the cabinet advises and approves the laws passed or treaties ratified by the Diet.
  • Legislative Bills
    Bills submitted by the Cabinet to the Diet.
  • Government Orders
    Decision of Government Orders. In addition, the Cabinet advises and approves the Emperor's promulgation of government orders.
  • Reports
    Publication of key research results on the national politics, matters which are regarded as appropriate to be reported at cabinet meetings including various councils' reports.
  • Distribution
    Distribution of materials at the cabinet meetings.

In addition, personnel affairs as well as conferment of Court ranks and decorations are decided at the cabinet meetings.

2. Search for Cabinet Decisions

The government originally has no obligation to disclose cabinet decisions. Also, the text of cabinet decisions will not be delivered to the National Diet Library as it is not a publication, but an administrative document. Cabinet decisions, however, have come to be disclosed on the Internet given the promotion of government information disclosure.

The following part introduces how to search for cabinet decisions' text from information of websites and publications in chronological order.